VMS History
Vessel Management System (All Versions)


Several incarnations of vessel management products by The Generalist have been in distribution since September, 1997.

Vessel Management System Professional (VMS Pro)
A significant technical upgrade to Fleet Management system, VMS Pro is a back office solution for multiple vessel operations, vessel owners, MegaYachts, marina operators, charter businesses, working vessels, etc., and includes all features of FMS (see below) with many technical upgrades, significantly improved code base and multiple user/network capability. Current version, Vista compatible.

Vessel Management System Single Vessel Edition (SVE)
VMS (SVE) is built on the foundations of VMS Pro and is intended for the owner/operator (although suitable for many vessel types) who does not need a full back office business database system. Because of the VMS Pro price reduction VMS (SVE) has been discontinued. Support is available for a limited time.

Fleet Management System (FMS)
Original Generalist solution for multiple vessel database/business back office system intended for vessel owners, MegaYachts, marina operators, charter businesses, working vessels, etc. Because of this program's relatively short lifetime all FMS owners may acquire an upgrade to VMS Professional at no charge. Retired.

Vessel Management System (VMS, original version published Q2, 1998)
Over one thousand installations. Retired.

Vessel Information Manager (VIM).
First published September, 1997. Retired.

Current versions of VMS are supported free of charge. If an upgrade is applied it must be used on all computers, whether networked or connected via sneakerware. The current version is compatible with all 32 and 64 bit versions of XP, Vista, Windows 7 and all Server versions written on those platforms. For questions about the upgrade please email: