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Each copy of VMS includes an Owner's Key (in prior releases aka Internet Registration Key), either affixed to the package (if purchased retail) or sent via email (if purchased on-line).  This key is necessary to register your software and disable it's registration expiration period.  This key is your only proof of ownership so don't misplace it or give it away.    


The registration process differs from all prior versions in that there is no automatic connection to a registration server via the VMS software.  Instead you must register as per the following process description:


First, install VMS, then open VMS.  VMS will pause on the Splash page and you may click the button Register VMS Pro, illustrated left.  (You may also open this module from the Vessel Information Module)



You'll be taken to the module illustrated left.  Notice there are data fields with white and gray backgrounds.  The fields with white backgrounds and bold titles are required.  Also notice that the button Click to Create Registration Information is inactive and will remain in that state until the required fields are complete.  VMS will nag until these fields are filled.


One of the fields requires your Owner's Key (proof of ownership, as above) entry.  This number is common to all registration files you generate, one for each computer on which VMS is installed.



When the fields are filled the button Click to Create Registration Information will activate.  Click this button to create a registration file.  A series of dialogs will inform you of the file name and it's location (C:\EXPORT_IMPORT_VMS) and would look something like the filename below:


vmsRegistration_Balmy Palms Vessel Salvage_10.5.2008_.vm5


You'll be instructed to send this file as an attachment to email to: registration@thegeneralistweb.com.  Please fill the subject line of your email, otherwise it may not be transmitted successfully.


A response to your registration file should arrive in 24 hours or less (usually much less).  It will contain a zipped, self-installing registration file (named _regToken) that will fully enable VMS on the computer from which the registration file was made.  Each computer on which VMS is installed will need to be validated in a similar manner.  


After you run the token installer VMS will be fully registered.  You will be able to open the registration module again (from the Vessel Information module), but the button Click to Create Registration Information will not be visible.  


If you change your hard drive, or in any manner attempt to move the VMS directory to another computer without proper installation and registration, VMS will no longer run (the registration window will be opened and require a new registration process).  The registration process is tied specifically to the hardware configuration that was present when you installed VMS.  To use VMS on other computers the registration process will need to be completed for each one.