VMS Master Data Modules

Vessel Management System Professional

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Master Data Modules:  Create, Review and Modify Data. 


Data modules (Contract-Task Manager shown) allow you to create new records, apply alterations to existing records, print reports, duplicate records, associate Files or Hyperlinks, associate maintenance tasks, choose vendors from the Address Book and more.  


Most Master Data Entry Modules are similar in function and appearance except that they control different categories of information.  (Click here to see more detail of Master Inventory Modules)  Because these fields will be used as criteria to sort your printed reports it may be a good idea to the limit some fields (like Category) to the broadest possible definitions.  This will help to create a useful hierarchy in your reports.  Fields like Vendor are necessarily specific.


Some fields can be Named Once, Used Again, meaning that whatever you type in that field will be available later as a choice, rather than re-typing.  These fields can be identified by the small arrow contained in the field, allowing you to drop a selectable list.