Table of Contents

Galley Inventory Modules


Galley Inventory Modules facilitate detailed tracking, purchasing timely assessment of on-hand inventory.  In this example aging  would be a particularly important aspect of perishable items (illustrated, notice the age of this frog is over 298 weeks, old for frozen frog).  


The modules differ from running inventory (Deck, Interior, Engineering) in that association of engineering tasks is not provided.  However association of files (recipes, presentation pictures, seasoning for a particular frog recipe, etc.) are supported.  If you are using the Purchase Order system you may find that producing Galley Purchase Orders are more appropriate for food vendors as cross referencing against manufacturer part numbers are often unnecessary.


Jump to an expanded view of Inventory by using the Inventory QuickView.  You may segregate inventory type from the QuickView menu.



Look up a previously entered record using the Find-By  tabbed index (click on the upper tab to invoke different Find By  sorts) as illustrated in the cutout.  The tabbed index pre-sorts the record presentation by relevant criteria (in this example by Description (Frog).  Type a few characters in the Find By field if you know the record's description and the description will autofill, or you may drop the field to reveal a list, then just click to choose.  


You might also find the inventory QuickView an appropriate choice for finding a record (click Inventory QuickView).  Just find a record in the QuickView and open with a single click, no matter the inventory type.


When entering new data click on any title field (blue) or it's corresponding data field (white) and begin typing. 


When changing fields try using the tab key (on your keyboard) to change fields rather than reaching for your mouse to change data fields.