Master Inventory Modules

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Master Inventory Modules


VMS divides inventory into seven broad categories.  Items found in Deck, Engineering and Interior inventories can be associated with Maintenance procedures for the purpose of verifying stock necessary to the completion of these procedures.  Galley (Dry Stores, Beverage and Perishable) and Chart inventory modules are also provided.


All inventory that can be specified in a Purchase Order or listed on an informal shopping list will show it's Quantity in Red if that number is below the Minimum Quantity, and the difference shall be known as the Restock Quantity.  


Over time a nominal minimum will be established and every Purchase Order or Shopping List will reflect your choice of a minimum quantity.  Should you decide to adjust the minimum quantity a pending Purchase Order Pro Forma will be adjusted to compensate, but and existing Purchase Order with an on-order status will not change. 


You might also find the inventory QuickView an appropriate choice for finding a record (click Inventory QuickView).  Just find a record in the QuickView and open with a single click, no matter the inventory type.


When entering new data click on any title field (blue) or it's corresponding data field (white) and begin typing. 


You may associate any number of graphics, documents, email address or hyperlinks to any Inventory item.  After assignment you'll be able to click the associated link, go directly to that object and/or open it's parent application without leaving VMS. 


Deck, Interior and Engineering Inventory modules allow the association of inventory items to Engine Component tasks as defined in the Engine-Component module.  To associate an inventory item with a Maintenance Procedure the procedure must be previously defined and then you may simply click inside the Maintenance Procedure field as illustrated and choose.  


If an association has been made you may view the status of inventory items associated with the task.  This facilitates quick reference to inventory that may be due during a voyage as defined by the Engineer's Planning LogYou may rotate between specific records in these related modules without returning to the Main Menu.


To assign an Inventory item to an  Engine-Component Maintenance Task click anywhere in the Maintenance Procedure field and choose from the list provided.  If there are no maintenance procedures available for assignment use the Engine Component module to create them.  Clear the current association by clicking Reset Procedure.


This example shows a Gasket Change (Maintenance task) associated with the Fresh Water Pump Gasket (inventory item). 


If you click the button Engine-Component Maintenance you'll see a QuickView of Maintenance Tasks associated with the Fresh Water Pump Gasket, for example, but only if an association has been established.  If no association exists you'll jump to the Engine Component module to create an appropriate task.  


Conversely, if you click Inventory assigned to Task  from the corresponding Engine-Component Maintenance module you'll see the inventory items associated with the tasks, so the relationship is two way.   


When changing fields try using the tab key (on your keyboard) to change fields rather than reaching for your mouse to change data fields.