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Invoke the Calendar


Virtually all date fields allow choosing a date by invoking the Calendar function, then choosing a date by clicking on the appropriate choice.  Double click on a date title bar or within the date field to invoke a Calendar.   


After invoking the calendar you may insert a date by single clicking your date choice (notice Today  at lower left).  You may change the calendar presentation (font and font color, number of months shown, page position, show week numbers) by clicking Properties on the calendar menu.  Use Left and Right arrows to scroll through months and years.  Choose a date by single clicking, or you may choose Today, if shown.  After you click on a date the calendar will vanish and the date choice will be inserted in the VMS field.


You can easily Increment or Decrement almost any date or number field in VMSAfter you've entered a date (or number) use the "+" key (without holding the shift key on a laptop keyboard) to increment the date (number) up (add one), or the "-" key to decrement (subtract).