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Print and Preview Reports


All major modules allow preview and printing of records by significant delineations (Category, Location, Engine, Task, etc).  Print a full report of any information type, or sort the report by that module's criteria.   Inventory Print/Preview modules (Engineering Inventory is illustrated) can invoke a restock list that will automatically compute the purchase quantity, calculated as Minimum Quantity minus Quantity On-Hand.  


If you sort by a specific vendor you'll print a restock (shopping) list for that vendor only.  Print separate lists for a multiple stop shopping trip that might include several vendors.  If you don't choose a vendor the entire shopping list (those items below minimum inventory levels) will be printed, sorted first by vendor.  You may also receive inventory from a specific vendor and inventory type.  


Use this function if you want to reconcile your inventory levels after purchasing from a restock list.  The new inventory levels will be calculated as Quantity On-Hand plus Purchase Quantity for that vendorUse this function with caution if you use purchase orders as double reconciliation could occur.



All major VMS modules provide Preview/Print modules specific to their parent.  For instance the Transactions Preview/Print module (at right) shows entirely different criteria for creating reports than the inventory print module above, but the conventions are the same.  Choose your criteria, preview the report, then print as appropriate.  If no records are available for the criteria specified a dialog will notify you to change the criteria rather than opening a report page with no information.


Note:  If you have not yet designated a printer on your computer previews will not be available.