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(The functions described herein are advanced and not necessary to normal operation of VMS)


By now you're screaming "Too much information!!" But I don't recognize your pain so the description below is provided if your own geek factor is through the roof:


After opening the File/Hyperlink module double-click the blank Add This File/Hyperlink field (or it's title box) to invoke another, rather geeky, dialog. (below)


This dialog will allow you to use another Windows interface to find or alter your file association or hyperlink.  For instance you may use this module to modify the Title of the object association by typing in the top field and replacing whatever is there (the pathname) with any new title that you like. 


Even after you've made an object association you might like to give it a more common name.  In this case type Widget Website into the Text to display box, replacing the hyperlink or pathname in the Text to Display box.  Now your records will show your customized object association Title, rather than the arcane and geeky pathname.


You may use the dialog above to add an email address, complete with subject and title.  To add



with a subject of Question? you would type:



You may test the association directly from this module.  Notice that a small hand has replaced your normal cursor when you allow it to hover over the path name.  This indicates that VMS recognizes your link and is ready to call the object.  When you're ready to commit this association, click the button Add This File/Hyperlink and Close.  Or you may choose to add additional associations to this inventory record.


You may associate as many files or hyperlinks to any single record as you like.  Because only the locations of these objects are saved in VMS, and not the objects themselves, your database will not grow dramatically because you associate large graphics or document files.  


If you need to travel with associated objects (like Word files, PDF's, graphics, etc, but not hyperlinks), you'll need to copy them to a drive that will be accessible to the traveling computer.  If the traveling objects folder location is different than the one associated in VMS, you'll need to re-associate the object.  


Once you've placed associations in the File/Hyperlink field of a module, you may drop the field (click the small down pointer), choose an object and open it in your computer's associated program.  


Notice that the examples shown contain references to an Adobe PDF file and the web site of the Widget manufacturer.  You could also have a Microsoft Word file, a Word Perfect document, even an MP3 file.  The options for recording the locations for all manner of object files/hyperlinks are endless.