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Chart Inventory


The Chart Inventory Module aids the organization of nautical charts, both paper and electronic.  You may segregate your chart inventory by Hydrographic Office (HO) in the Publisher field and/or a user defined region.  Where the H.O. describes it's catalog by region (such is the case with British Admiralty) one might use the User Defined Regions field to segregate by the H.O. catalog (or not), geographic region or other appropriate descriptor.   


For instance, one might assign both paper and electronic charts to the Caribbean East region, and a printed report could include all charts for that region.  With further report segregation one may produce a report for Caribbean East and British Admiralty (as the Publisher) to see paper for the Caribbean East region, or a report might include Caribbean East and C-Map, to view electronic charts for that user defined region. 



Larger vessels are required to keep charts corrected to the most recently available Notice to Mariners.  The correction date and edition fields are appropriate for recording required updates, and segregating by the current sailing region, rather than attempting to keep corrections for the entire on-board inventory.



Chart inventory is available for viewing in the Inventory QuickView as an alternate method for finding a specific chart.  Should you find your chart in the  Inventory QuickView the Location column (field) will display the User Defined Region.