VMS: Track your Guests and Crew

Vessel Management System Professional

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Track your Guests and Crew


You can document the dates and times that persons were on board your vessel with the Guest and Crew Information Module.   Enter address information, phone numbers, passport numbers, etc.


You may designate some or all persons (check box below the Look-Up) as Active, thereby adding them (as appropriate to a specified date range) to an Official Crew List that can be printed in alternate languages.  Crew positions that are pre-defined will be translated as necessary, while non-standard (not listed in drop-down) descriptions are translated simply as crew members.


You can enter the period that each person visited or worked aboard the vessel and associate any number of graphics, documents or hyperlinks to Guest and Crew Information Records (an obvious choice would be that person's picture).


Time fields are optional and provided for the vessel that might board and discharge many passengers in a day, as in day charters, for instance.  


You may export any entry in this module to the VMS Address Book.  Once exported, the Address Book entry may be designated as a Vendor.  You may also move records to/from different vessels, appropriate for crew rotation or reassignment.


Printing/previewing of the Official Crew List is available from the Main Menu.  You may print a list of Guest and Crew Information by clicking on Print/Preview.