VMS: The Standard Address Book

Vessel Management System Professional

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The Standard Address Book


The VMS Address Book can contain typical PIM information, such as phone numbers, addresses, notes, etc.  Additionally you may associate any number of graphics, documents, hyperlinks, etc.   In this case a link to the web site of the Company Drop Wash is illustrated, making it convenient to directly open the vendor's web site (if connected to the Internet and appropriate firewall permissions are set) by simply clicking in the field.


After an entry is made in the Standard Address Book you may designate entries as Vendors by checking the box Include This Entry as Vendor.


You may also address and begin a Memo by clicking the button Memo Writer.



To begin a new book click on Add Entry.  Book types are user defined and allow segregating records by user group.  You may make as may book types as you like.  Make a book for the Engineer, Master, Owner, the pussycat, etc.  Book types are also useful for segregating printed reports.