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The Vendor Address Book


The Vendor Address Book can contain typical PIM information, like phone numbers, addresses, notes, pictures, document references, links to web sites, etc., and additional information relevant to other businesses that may be designated as contractors or clients.


To begin a new entry click on Add Record.  Book types are a method of segregating records by user group.  You may make as may book types as you like.  Make a book for the Engineer, Master, Owner, the pussycat, etc.  Book types are also useful for segregating printed reports.


If you attempt to delete a Vendor that is contained in a Labor Log Invoice, Pending Purchase Order, Engine Maintenance record or Contract/Task you'll be prompted to deactivate, rather than delete, that Vendor.  The entry will be available in the Standard Address Book and can be re-activated as a Vendor easily.


Many modules use the Vendor records to produce reports.  The Purchase Order and Labor Log modules must be assigned vendors to facilitate billing.  When a vendor is specified in an Inventory record a restock (shopping) list can be generated that allows you to organize purchasing trips by vendor, even if the formal Purchase Order system is not used.  In the Contracts-Task module a Vendor must be assigned to produce projection vs performance reports.


Notice the dedicated buttons to open QuickViews on the Vendor Address Book module.  Typically these buttons are used to facilitate record rotation.  That is, if you enter the Vendor Address Book from any record rotation-eligible module you'll see one of these buttons highlighted (Inventory QuickView is highlighted bold).


This means that you'll jump to a specific inventory record by clicking the highlighted button.  Clicking a button that is not highlighted will take you to the generic QuickView, as if opening a reminder from the Main Menu Reminders button and will also reset record rotation memory.