VMS: Engine-Component Inventory Hours Update and Task Debit

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Engine-Component Inventory Hours Update and Task Debit


There may be several Engine Component Maintenance tasks assigned to specific machinery, like oil changes, belt renewal, water pump impeller changes, etc., all requiring different intervals, but all assigned to the same component.  You can make a global Hours Now alteration to any active engine-component (not archived) by clicking the Global Update Hours / Task Debit button (above), which will invoke the dialog shown at right.  This will change all Tasks with the chosen Engine-Component name to the same accumulated hours.



You may also debit inventory, if appropriate, for the task performed.  When you click the button Debit Inventory this module will expand to show the Task, as in this example.  The New Hours Now and Engine/Component fields will be locked to prevent inadvertent alteration of an inappropriate record.  You may choose a Task, then click the Debit Inventory Assigned to this Task button to invoke the module shown below:


Any item previously associated with this Task will be shown, with the Engine-Component and Task iterated in the module's title.  Click any line (320 Weight Crude is illustrated) to invoke the parent Inventory Module showing the specific inventory item previously associated with this task.  The module will open in a limited mode, with the Quantity On-Hand field already highlighted, allowing you to debit the inventory item.  




For instance, if five quarts of 320 Weight Crude were used when changing this gasket, decrement the Quantity On-Hand by five (use the Plus and Minus keys on your keyboard to adjust the numeric value).  When you return to the Task Inventory Debit module the debit will be reflected.