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Engine-Component Maintenance QuickView


A QuickView module can be invoked from the Engine-Component Maintenance module, or the Main Menu Reminders button.  


As with all QuickViews you may sort some columns by clicking on their headers (Engine-Component, Task, etc.), first ascending, then descending.


If either the Hours or Date columns are displayed in red the task is overdue, if in green the task is current but not yet due.  If the Hours and Date are white and the check boxes are gray, the task is marked as completed.


You may hide or reveal Archived Records by clicking the button on page top, which changes it's title according to current state (shown here as Hide Archive Records because Archived Records are currently shown).


The Date of the task warning is aged by your computer's date, the Hours are input from the Engine-Component master module.


Jump to a specific Task or Vendor assigned to a task  by single clicking in the appropriate field.  In this case you might click the current, bookmarked (record indicator is green, row typeface is bold) (Generator Port in the third row) to jump to that Task's vendor (Aqua Clean) to open that vendor in the Vendor Address Book.    


If you click on any other record or row it will be come the next current bookmark.  No matter which record or row is chosen you can immediately Rotate back to this module and retain your Bookmark.


QuickViews allow multiple deletions by sorting, choosing, then deleting appropriately.  You may view all records for the vessel, including Archived records by clicking on the appropriate check box at  the top of the module.