The Contract and Task Manager

Vessel Management System Professional

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The Contract and Task Manager


The Contract and Task Manager is well suited to track jobs let by contract or special assignments to crew.


Track any kind of time-related task, such as re-fit, refinish, maintenance, etc.


Define new Jobs by any description you like.  Because these fields will be used as criteria to sort your reports, it's a good idea to the limit some fields (like Category) to the broadest possible definitions.  This will help to create a useful hierarchy in your reports.  Other fields, like Vendor, are necessarily specific.


When you estimate the days to finish (enter the number of days, in this case 14), a proposed finish date will be calculated.  (Later, compare the Proposed Finish to the Actual Finish date.)


You may show records previously archived by clicking the button just below the Vessel Name.  Clicking again will hide the archived records.


The status of the module will be shown in the title area at the top of the module.  In this case Archived Records are Hidden and the Bookmark is Active.


As with other modules, you may duplicate and move task records from one vessel to another.  For instance, you have a maintenance contract for your fleet and each vessel has similar tasks performed, but with different dates, or you run a fleet of vessels and each needs a bottom job with two coats of anti-foul and similar contract descriptions, but with different completion durations and contractors.  Enter the job description once, then duplicate, then transfer the similar tasks to each vessel, recalculating appropriate non-duplicating fields for each vessel.


You may establish the Beginning Date by double-clicking in that field and invoking the calendar function.  If further adjustment is necessary may also use the "+" (without holding the shift key) or "-" keys on your keyboard to increment or decrement the date.


After the contract is satisfied Double Click the blue title box Actual Finish Date to the date of your choice from the calendar.  


Use the report generator for this module to print a before list (for a vendor) and an after list to compare projected performance against actual performance.  Your agreements are, therefore, standardized and in writing. You can print and preview all tasks within a range of dates, or those tasks outstanding sorted for the Vendor (as in this example), or sorted by Category.