Transactions and Accounts

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Transactions and Accounts


The Transactions Module provides a basic bookkeeping system and is presented like a bank check on steroids.  As with other modules, defining a category allows more granular segregation of records when generating reports.  


To add a new category just type in the field, or choose a category entered previously.  The Active Bank field allows you to track funds in virtually unlimited bank accounts, although a carefully chosen few may be sufficient.


You are allowed to have only one Credit (Money In) or Debit (Money Out) entry per transaction.  To change from Credit to Debit or vice versa place a zero in the incorrect amount field.  (Note:  The Credit/Debit rule is forced in current versions.  Prior versions of VMS inappropriately assumed that a user would choose not to enter amounts in both fields simultaneously.  Old records with double entries will be honored in the ledgers, however they can be changed to accommodate the forced rule by splitting the double-entry transaction into two distinct transactions, one credit, one debit, with no impact on the bottom line.)


Look up old Transaction records with the Tabbed Indexes, as with other modules.  You may also move through the records in order of their entry by clicking on the Previous Record and Next Record buttons.  If you open a record by invoking any of the Look-Up Indexes, the scrolling function will begin with the record chosen.


You may create a new record by clicking the button New Transactions, then choosing (or typing) in the To/From field (as in Pay to the Order Of or Received From) and then tab (keyboard key) to other fields for additional input.  Enter deposits in Money In and all expenditures in Money Out.  A balance of the record's Account is displayed in the Running Balance window.


You may filter your Tabbed Index results by Vessel, category, and/or bank.  Any restriction you define by one filter will be reflected in the results of the other filters.  So, for instance, if you filter by Bank and the Category you want to use doesn't show up, it's because there were no entries for that Category and Bank combination..  If you can't find a specific record, try setting all filters to Off.  


Each filter's status (On or Off) will be shown in it's tab.  The inset above shows Category and Bank filters On, and the Vessel Filter set to Off.


Change currency type by clicking Transactions from the VMS Main Menu, then choose Set Currency Type (invokes the module at right).  This setting will override only some windows Regional Settings, so you must match the Regional Settings of your computer to the currency chosen.  Dollar, Euro and British Sterling are supported.


Invoke the Report menu by clicking on the Print/Preview and QuickView button on the Transactions Module.  You will be able to view the records sorted by your search criteria (combinations of DATE, ACCOUNT, BANK ACCOUNT AND TO/FROM) and print similar versions of the records.  Additionally the Sort Order of your ledgers can be chosen.