Record Rotation (Record Bookmark)

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Record Rotation (Record Bookmark)


Any VMS Inventory, Task or Engine-Component Maintenance module will allow the user to rotate from module to module, view various details, then return to original record and/or module.  


For instance, you may want to purchase inventory, but you also need to examine several vendors for delivery, reliability, price, terms, etc. You might find an appropriate record in the Inventory Quickview, jump to a vendor in the Address Book to examine and/or change Vendor record data, then back to the QuickView where you may jump to other aspects of the records presented.  


You may leave the jump loop at any time.  When memory of a record is marked for future reference it is BookmarkedBookmarks will clear when a module (or it's parent QuickView) is closed before rotation, or when a different module type is opened from within a rotation reference module, such as the Address Book


When rotating through the Address Book you'll see dedicated buttons to open QuickViews .  In this example the Address Book was opened from the Inventory QuickView or an Inventory module because the Inventory QuickView button text is highlighted bold.  


Click the highlighted button and you'll jump to the appropriate QuickView and the specific record last viewed.  Click a button that is not highlighted and you'll open a generic QuickView, as if opening from the Main Menu Reminders button.  Clicking a button that is not highlighted will also reset the record rotation memory.