VMS: Purchase Orders Aren't For Everyone

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Purchase Orders Aren't For Everyone


Before using the VMS Pro Purchase Order system you're encouraged to decide whether it's appropriate for your operations.  To properly implement and use the Purchase Order system an accurate physical count and reconciliation of inventory should be initiated on a regular basis, otherwise re-stock counts levels may not accurately reflect the actual ordering necessities.  


If no regular physical inventory reconciliation is combined with blind ordering from a Pro Forma (which automatically determines the quantity ordered) a over or under stock situation can be aggravated and grow worse over time.  


For instance, if you are a single vessel owner/operator the level of complexity imposed by a purchase order system may outweigh it's apparent advantages.  A single vessel owner/operator may choose to use the informal purchasing system instead, which creates purchasing reports sorted by Vendor.  


Even if using this simplified method you may receive the inventory purchased by Vendor (for that shopping list).  However, each shopping list is segregated by Inventory Module, Vessel and (optionally) by Vendor.  Therefore it is not possible to purchase, receive and disburse inventory purchases for multiple vessels across multiple inventory categories.


Logic of the VMS Pro Purchase Order System: