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Pro Forma Purchase Orders


Before incorporating Purchase Orders into your operations schema please click here.


Creating a Purchase Order begins with a Pro Forma.  A Pro Forma will allow you to create the specifications for a formal Purchase Order by assessing the inventory levels of all inventory types (Deck, Engineering, Beverage, etc.) compared to the inventory minimums specified in each inventory module.  


Pro Formas are assessed and created for a single Vendor.  You can specify the purchase of items for a single vessel or all vessels, one or all inventory types.  


After the Pro Forma is used to finalize purchase criteria you can generate a formal Purchase Order.  Pro Forma (and Purchase Order) information (descriptions, SKU's, restock levels, etc.) are imported from the Inventory Information Modules,  your company purchasing information is imported from the Business Information module and Vendor information is imported from the Vendor Address Book.


Two types of purchasing reports are provided (see below).  The same Purchase Order (or Pro Forma) information can be printed in either type of report. 



A Pro Forma QuickView will allow you to alter the inventory restock levels before committing to the Purchase Order.  The restock value may be adjusted by visiting the parent Inventory Module with a single click on the appropriate row.  Clicking in the appropriate row invokes the appropriate inventory module where you may adjust On-Hand and Minimum Quantity (thereby adjusting your order quantities) and then jump back to the Pro Forma QuickView.  The restock levels of a Pro Forma can be manipulated from the QuickView.  



The Status of a Pro Forma is always Pending until the formal Purchase Order is invoked, and then the Pending status will be pushed to the Purchase Order as On-Order.  


When a Pro Forma is Pending, any aspect (Categories, Vessel, Vendor, Quantities, etc.) may be changed.  After the Purchase Order is created the elements are made permanent.  You may subsequently delete a Purchase Order, but this action is not advised.


The elements of a Pro Forma are held in memory until you transform them into a Purchase Order.  Invoking the transformation will assign a dedicated Purchase Order number (the next available), carry forward the shipping instructions, calculate taxes/discounts, delete the Pro Forma, create the Purchase Order and the Purchase Order status is set to On Order.