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Purchase Orders


Before incorporating Purchase Orders into your operations schema please click here.


The VMS Pro Purchase Order module allows you to print a PO to send to a vendor, receive inventory as specified on a prior PO and delete a PO (not recommended).  You may print either type of Purchase Order Report (Detailed or Galley).  To refer to a archived Purchase Order check the box Show All Purchase Orders.


The Status of a Purchase Order will remain On Order until you've chosen the method to receive.  In this example the Purchase Order is marked On-Order.  The other status values are Received and Received with Exceptions.


Receiving a Purchase Order will change the inventory Quantity On-Hand to reflect receipt of the new items, all vessels, all inventory types.  Your received Purchase Order will be automatically archived and it's status changed appropriately.


The only modification you can make to a Purchase Order is to receive the inventory with exceptions (a supplier night not have the requested quantity of inventory or items might be missing altogether but the remaining items would be shipped.).  A Purchase Order received with exceptions can be printed with the price totals automatically recalculated.  Use the printed Received with Exceptions Purchase Order to correct your own records, recalculate the totals or send to your vendor as a revision of the original Purchase Order.