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Labor Log Invoice Generator


The Labor Log Invoice Generator produces invoices for services performed.  You may create a new invoice or view invoices previously entered.  In the example shown Balmy Palms Yacht Charters has performed labor for the vendor Demander.  


The Markup percentage (30% in this example) will be reflected in the hourly rate of each Labor Log entry, rather than as a sub-total of the invoice, keeping your internal labor or sub-contractor rate hidden from invoices.  


However discounts to base labor rates are calculated as a subtotal and shown on the invoice, along with the Tax.  So a 20 percent Discount (shown, the apparent reduction in cost you are passing to your invoiced client), 30 percent Markup (hidden on the invoice, the internal increase you are passing to the invoiced client) and 8 percent Tax (shown) have been applied to the to the original labor charges.  


In this invoice the Sections have been limited to General Maintenance and segregated to the Vessel M/V Abby Lane only, but all laborers (Logged By) within the specified data range have been included.


This invoice will cover logged labor records that spanned 30 days (Number of Days) and invoiced several years after the labor was performed (This Invoice Date). This invoice will have a Pending status, meaning payment for the invoice has not been finalized so the data contained therein is still dynamic.


Only Invoices with a Pending status may be edited.  All Labor Log records and billing information can be modified while an invoice is pending, so it's possible to alter your Labor Log records and billing information before finalizing the invoice (changing the status from pending).


When the status of an invoice is changed from pending (to sent, Paid final or partial payment) a record of the invoice is generated that will not be changed, even if the underlying Labor Log entries or Billed To particulars are altered.  This prevents inadvertent inaccuracies that might occur and assures that prior invoices can be referenced with accuracy.  If the status is changed back to pending all Labor Log records and billing information that may have been altered after the original invoice was changed from a pending status will be updated to reflect current data.  So it's possible to alter your invoices after changing the status from pending, but it's not recommended.


After you've established the criteria for an invoice click Preview Invoice or Print Invoice.  You may also print an internal Labor Log report (from the Labor Log module) that will display hourly totals but not pre-calculated labor rates and charges. The Internal log report generator also allows sorts on all major criteria. 


There are two invoice creation methods:


If you open an entry from the Labor Log and leave the record active when creating a new invoice you'll see this prompt.  The new invoice will inherit most of the  Labor Log criteria (vendor, date, vessel, rate, logged-by, etc.) necessary to get an invoice out the door quickly.  You may then modify the new invoice (dates, range, markup, tax, discount, etc.) before changing it's status or exiting the module.   


So, for instance, several contractors or individuals might have performed electrical, plumbing and HVAC services on the same day for a single vessel.  You would choose to create the invoice using any of the Labor Log records for that effort, then change the invoice Logged By and Section settings to All (illustrated).  Or, if one sub-contractor changed the oil on several vessels, you might choose "All Vessels", "Errol Broadbent Oil Change Services" and "All" sections.


If you open the Labor Log Invoice Generator with no prior record chosen in the Labor Log the buttons "Set to Last Labor Record" will be inactivated and you'll create a new invoice from scratch.