Network and Record Sharing Caveats

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Network and Record Sharing Caveats


The single most aggravating aspect of a multiple user network environment is the issue of who owns the record?  For instance, user one opens an inventory record just to see what's there.  User two opens the same record and begins to alter it.  User one begins to watch user two change the shared record, attempts to change it back only to discover that the record can't be edited.  


This is because the first user that edits (not simply view) the record owns the record.  Ownership persists until the record is saved, either intentionally or unintentionally.  For instance, you can save a record just by looking up another one from the same module, closing the module, opening a print menu, changing from a parent inventory module to it's QuickView, duplicating a record or holding the record beyond the allowed network timeout period.


So the basic rule of thumb is try not to work on the same record at the same time.  If all users log on and immediately begin working on Deck Inventory Widget record there is bound to be a conflict.  On the other hand, if user one works on Deck Inventory Widget , user two opens another inventory item,  user three on Contracts/Tasks, and user four on Engine Maintenance the opportunity for conflict is significantly diminished.


A full explanation of Windows networking protocols and schema of networking is not within the scope of this manual.  If you know nothing about networking please consult your Windows documentation or ask a knowledgeable person for assistance.