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Optimize Default Data


Database optimization will occur every time the user quits VMS, unless 1) the user is connected to a remote Default Data table via a network, or 2) the computer being quit is a data server with networked users currently logged on.  Additionally a Database Optimization reminder will be invoked every two weeks.  The choice to use this process will be presented after every interface update or if denial of the last reminder request is more than thirty days old.  


The automated prompt asking you to accept or deny the alternate process is clear and straightforward.  The process ensures that necessary maintenance will not be ignored, either by nagging the user to perform it manually or to accept the reminder and act on it.  The automated process will make a backup of the data state before optimization is generated automatically and placed in the VMS Pro import/export folder as "C:\EXPORT_IMPORT_VMS\Default_Data_close_safety.mdb".


Database optimization may only be performed by an administrator that has confirmed all networked users have logged off.  If networked users exist the dialog will close without consequence, but the dialog will re-appear each time VMS is re-opened, or until an action is taken.   Failure to optimize your Default Data over a long period of time will cause database bloat and, possibly, catastrophic failure!  Of course if you've made a backup, recovery from back end failure is minimized or eliminated, depending on the period and/or extent of data entry since your last backup.