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Interface Updates

When features are added or program errors addressed an update will be published to the VMS web site.  You may download the update free of charge and application is painless.  The VMS user interface (Menu, modules, report generators, etc) is separated from the back end so that these modifications can be applied without penalty to data you've already entered.  

If you're connected to the internet click the button provided on the VMS Main Menu.  This should (see below) invoke your default browser, open the update page and a description of the current update will be available.  If the update described is newer than the one you last applied, or if you've never applied one at all please download the file.  A detailed list of modifications and bug fixes are linked from this page.


Your computer may actively block VMS from opening a web page because of firewall settings, user permissions or any manner of Microsoft operating system idiosyncrasies.  In this case you may visit the site directly and facilitate a download.  You may copy the link below, paste into a browser address bar, download and run:


The illustration at left is for the Interface Update.  Before you apply the update VMS should be closed.  After downloading, just open the update file and follow the prompts.  After the update is applied you may open VMS immediately, but your data file will be disconnected.  This annoyance is intentional and assures that all users will be forced to re-link to the appropriate Data file or a Networked Data File before continuing.  You'll be reminded to link a data file automatically.


If you're working in a multi-user, networked environment you must update all computers in your network.  The Network Server data file must be updated first, otherwise any network workstations on line or intending to connect will not function correctly.  So the update sequence should be:


Depending on the size of your network this process can be a little time consuming, so plan your update to occur when no networked users are logged on.  

Remember, all networked workstations must be closed before the update is applied.