VMS: Common Conventions

Vessel Management System Professional

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Common Conventions


Enter your unique information into VMS by using various data modules.  (The Vendor Address Book is illustrated.)  The combination of data on any module is called a record.  


Each record will have a main descriptor (in this example, Company).  Any previously defined record in a module can be selected in the tabbed find-By Index (see inset).  Any rectangular box into which data might be entered is call a Field.  


Any Field with a small, downward-pointing arrow means you may choose a previously entered value, or you may begin to type the value and the field will auto-complete.


Many modules have a Filter.  This can be used to pre-qualify available records before attempting to recall a single record for viewing or editing.  In this Address Book example the Engineering book is a pre-select, so only those records from the Engineering address entries will be shown.


All data modules will have control buttons similar to the example shown.  You'll be able to manipulate all aspects of your records (including printing) with these buttons.  More specific details regarding the operation of various module styles are given later in this manual.