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The Main Menu


All major modules and records can be accessed from the Vessel Management System Main Menu.  If there are multiple items in any category a sub-menu will appear.  


Identify the category or module of information you wish to display, then click anywhere on the appropriate menu title bar to invoke the action.  If there are multiple modules in a category a sub-menu will appear.


Click on the Reminders Menu button (upper right) to invoke the reminders module.  Modify vessel specifications by choosing Vessel Specifications.


You may not find all modules applicable, so it's advised that you begin by using a minimum number of modules, then explore the applicability of additional modules later.  If you don't need it , don't use it.


To modify the presentation (screen) size of VMS modules, click the button Set Module Size.  This will invoke the Screen Resolution module.


Please Note:  The Practice Data back end is a sandbox in which you may play.  You may add, alter, delete and otherwise trash records in Practice Data independent of unique data that may be contained in your vessel's Default Data file.  You are strongly encouraged to use the Practice Data back end before attempting real world data entry.  


Even if you've begun to enter real world data and wish to experiment with  functionality that you don't yet understand, just switch to the Practice Data file, give your idea a whirl, then switch back to the Default Data file once you've clarified the issue.  Remember, the most taxing aspect of any database is data entry.  Don't jump in and begin entering data in the Default Data file before you're satisfied that you understand the impact of your actions.  


Interface Updates


When features are added or program errors addressed an update will be published to the VMS web site.  You may download the update free of charge and application is painless.  The VMS user interface (Menu, modules, report generators, etc) is separated from the back end so that these modifications can be applied without penalty to data you've already entered.  


If you're connected to the internet simply click the button provided on the VMS Main Menu.  This will invoke your default browser, open the update page and a description of the current update will be available.  If the update described is newer than the one you last applied, or if you've never applied one at all please download the file.  


A detailed list of modifications and bug fixes may be invoked from this page.