VMS: The Screen Resolution Module

Vessel Management System Professional

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The Screen Resolution Module


The Screen Resolution module will allow you to adjust the size of all VMS modules relative to monitor resolution.  This utility is particularly useful for computers with normal resolutions of 1024 x 768 or higher.  (VMS modules will fit within an 800 x 600 screen by design, therefore using smaller resolutions is not advised.)  


To change module size check a box in the Screen Resolution module.  You'll see the size difference demonstrated immediately, although the appropriate size for your computer or visual taste may not be apparent until you've visited all the modules.  


Please try one size at a time and check the results in various modules before entering data.  For instance, you may find QuickViews too cramped if you've adjusted your resolution too high.  If you want to ENLARGE the module size, begin by setting for a resolution one increment SMALLER than your computer's native resolution.  Choose Your Computer's Default Resolution to return modules to their normal size.  


All VMS Modules were originally developed for 800 X 600 resolution, therefore larger screen resolutions (like 640 X 480) are not allowed.   If you adjust your resolution to a size that is less than your normal resolution VMS will automatically disallow the choice.  The resolution you choose will be maintained through every session, except when you apply an update, and then the resolution will be reset to default.  After an update is applied you may again change to the resolution that you previously found appropriate.