The VMS Database Maintenance Module

Vessel Management System Professional

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The VMS Database Maintenance Module


The Database Maintenance Module allows you to rename your vessel,  make a backup of your current data or import data from prior versions of VMS (including Fleet Management System) by clicking the appropriate buttons.  The Run Database Maintenance button is a legacy control and is only appropriate for use on the early versions of VMS Pro.  It was implemented to correct problems that no longer exist and is not a substitute for database optimizationThis function should only be used if you seem to have an irreconcilable data error and your VMS Pro version is older than March, 2004.


Re-naming your vessel is easy and can be invoked without consequence.  However you must always be vigilant about avoiding duplicate names.  Renaming a vessel to exactly the same name as a extant vessel name will cause the data of the two vessels to be combined.  This is behavior by design, a result of allowing prior owners of VMS (Standard, FMS, VMS Nobeltec, etc.) to import data from more than one discrete VMS installation.  Just remember that your data is segregated, or combined,  by Vessel Name, so, generally, the rule is do not duplicate Vessel Names.


Click Make Data Backup to create a duplicate of your Default Data file.  You may only backup the default data file and you must be an administrator.  You are automatically an administrator if working on a local computer.  You are not an administrator if working from a networked workstation or using the Practice data file.