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Are you a VSB (Very Small Business, twenty or fewer employees/workstations), home office or security aware individual? Does your depend depend on technology? Think not? Consider the consequences of a server, laptop or desktop hurling it's guts one last, irrecoverable time. Bad enough. Now imagine that failure in the middle of a critical business day.

Your business and personal information are no less susceptible to technical compromise than larger businesses employing full-time, bit sniffing IT departments. But unlike the larger businesses, your business may rarely (ever?) perform competent, informed IT maintenance, although unique internal data and risk change frequently. Perhaps your VSB made a significant IT investment several years ago, but the supplier(s) forgot to mention that the entire system, optimally configured or not, began to die the minute it was turned on.

Computer deterioration is inevitable. It can be caused by any combination of bit rot, uninformed repair attempts (the boss, best friend's brother-in-law, geek teenager next door, the Big Box Squad, etc.), sloppy implementation, malware, ill-conceived anti-malware solutions, acts of God (pick one, none, several, whatever), and other reason(s) ad nauseam. There is no perpetual motion machine: Tires wear out, washing machines are sent to the boneyard, and so goes all technology.

The expense of vetting and contracting an entrenched computer firm (with product/upsell margins and high internal operating costs to consider) can be daunting. If hired they never send the same person twice. You struggle with increasing complexity, instability, perhaps even data loss. Perhaps, to reduce expense, you begin the DYI dance, chasing technology rather than accomplishing core business. You will, or have, fall behind the omnipresent, increasingly complex disaster threat curve.

Many VSB's (law offices, accounting firms, small medical offices, insurance agencies, real-estate offices/agents, etc.) were dragged kicking and screaming into windows server/client environments. Back in the day there were few solutions appropriate to small business, so big business solutions were squeezed to accommodate VSB resource limitations, as a pig might be shoved through a keyhole (still a pig). These original solutions were never turnkey, although they many have been implicitly sold as such.

Now these complex, rarely maintained software/hardware solutions are prone to error and increasingly vulnerable to outside intrusion. Is this your business? Are you a meltdown waiting to happen? And really... do you even know?