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Any IT support person(s) you employ should have a proprietary, granular interest in your business. Your needs should be respected, your emergencies attended, proactive suggestions offered and awareness of new potentials presented. Your data privacy and redundancy should be first priority, but are often overlooked because of complexity, hassle factor and need to stay current with the burgeoning technical threat environment.

Should you accept the premise of my VSB approach (simplify, upgrade, update) I will begin by obtaining knowledge of your current computer systems. Even if an immediate overhaul is not forthcoming I can provide analysis, secure your current system, stretch your investment and make recommendations regarding data redundancy. This exercise will further expose the specificity of future upgrade and data migration issues. Usually this can accomplished off-site (virtual support), either on demand or on schedule.

My services can include hardware upgrade, migration/upgrade of software, databases, data files and other proprietary documents/files, with an aim toward little or no disruption in business continuity. I evaluate systems with emphasis on security and efficiency.

Because internal data theft is a serious issue, I often advise that every user in your environment be provided with individual credentials (even temporary workers), with data access limited to the user's need to know. For instance, it should not be possible for a temporary worker to have access to sensitive business documents, client information, financials, etc. Nor should it be trivial for said worker to surf into Facebook, or access their email, only to find a virus and propagate it through the network (employees in your office still surfing the web using Windows XP?).

The setup of said permissions is tedious and, for that reason alone, often overlooked in the VSB environment. Or you may be subject to domain services and permissions, usually cumbersome and probably overkill.

I'll provide a lean, clean permissions system.

IT Services for Very Small Business:
Stabilize - Standardize - Simplify - Protect