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Vessel Management
System (VMS).

The scratchpad for my Kirksville Daily Express blog (retired) is still viewable.

(660) 290-0088

My terms are simple: Time and materials (no materials markup if reimbursed per agreement).

    If I'm aware of a solution that's in your best interests, you'll hear about it. I never choose solutions that pad my billable hours.

    I'll avoid working on billable time with no prior arrangement, with the possible exception that I may notice an issue in need of immediate attention and cannot find the authority (you, by phone or email) necessary for swift amelioration. So I'll probably fix it, then we'll work it out amicably.

    I'll always attempt solutions that will deliver long term ROI. As they say about a good paint job, "it's all in the preparation."

    I am trustworthy. I won't run off with your data and/or secrets. I'll maintain a current log of your proprietary technical information and keep you updated.

    IT Services for Very Small Business:
    Stabilize - Standardize - Simplify - Protect