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The scratchpad for my Kirksville Daily Express blog (retired) is still viewable.

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I've worked in southeast Florida (and now in Adair County, born and raised) as a small business IT consultant for small businesses and database developer since the late nineties. For the last five years I've concentrated on VSB (Very Small Business) technology upgrades, concentrating on simplicity, security, systems management and redundancy.

In most cases my clients are:

    Established firms (2-10 employees).

    Their scope of business might have increased, but often, because of tired hardware, deprecated or aging operating systems and the increasing complexity of contemporary technical environments (internal/external security threats), their business continuity, and therefore their entire business, is endangered.
I provide IT Services for Very Small Business (VSB) that include:

    Disaster Recovery
    Workstation Upgrades (XP/Vista to Windows 7)
    Workstation/Server Security
    Email Upgrades including: Migration to Cloud Servers, old Email clients to New (Still using Outlook Express, AOL or Eudora?)
    Secure Networking and Wireless
    VPN/Remote Access
    Storage, Configuration and Preservation
    Server, Laptop, Workstation and Peripheral Purchasing
Unless you are a professional IT person (probably not, you already run a different business type) or nerd with no life, it's doubtful that you can address the list above, protect and/or preserve unique assets. In the past you may have apparently addressed specific problems, or hoped that the advertising claims made by as seen on TV computer software was living up to it's claim. But it's likely that your risk persists/increases if you're using a computer with standard Microsoft configurations or (gasp!) Windows XP.

Perhaps, instead of digging a deeper grave, you should ask yourself two simple questions:
    What is your time worth?
    Is anyone covering your back?

    IT Services for Very Small Business:
    Stabilize - Standardize - Simplify - Protect