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Competitive business environments require consistent, minimum hassle uptime.

One must not only plan for individual computer failure, but for larger, catastrophic events. This is why I always recommend bare metal backups on each workstation and server, a backup type that allows for complete, detailed restoration of a computer to a very recent state, including access to all files. This can be essential to uninterrupted business flow.

Bare metal backups are simply large files that can be accessed like any other. These files, along with all other unique data, should be accessible from a central repository, and a comprehensive, regular, off-site backup should be maintained. All of your data and redundancy backups can be pushed to off-site servers, and/or carried out of the building (on secure, portable hard drives).

Data redundancy is insurance, often overlooked, but fundamentally important for business continuity. If you currently use a tape backup system, you should convert to hard drive backup (inexpensive, usually disconnected, adequate capacity, easily replaced, easy to rotate off-site and stash). I probably won't recommend tape backup for VSB's because it can be compromised by age, environment, re-use. Verification is slow, laborious and must be performed at each update. Moreover, tape cannot provide rapid reclamation and is impractical for timely, bare metal backup/restore procedures.

In contrast, 2 TB of secure disk data (likely the entire data/computer reclamation core of your business) can be carried home (or to the safe deposit box) in a shirt pocket every day and easily updated. Iteration of backups is easily accommodate. Tape backup is, therefore, so twentieth century.

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