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Detailed Data Records Suitable For:
-Owner Operated Yachts
-Working Vessels

Runs on Windows VISTA/7/8.1.

A Vessel Database System that Includes:

Extensive Logging System:

User Defined Inventory

Bookkeeping System

  • User Defined Account Types
  • Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Extensive Reporting Of Transactions Via Sorts
  • Reports, Ledgers And Lists Formatted Automatically
  • Dollar, Euro and Sterling Currency Support

Import Data from VMS Legacy Editions (Standard and Nobeltec)
Easy Module Accessibility from the VMS Main Menu
QuickView Data Aggregation
available from most modules.
Network Accessibility to Common Data
Reminders Menu for Quick Analysis of Inventory, Engineering Tasks Due, Contracts Due
View Interrelated Data (like Inventory/Vendor) with a Single "Click"
Currency Values displayed in Dollars, Euro or British Sterling
Data Backup with Unique File Names
Context Sensitive Help File (also available via download)
Granular Report Generation customized for every data module
Virtually Unlimited Association of Graphics, Hyperlinks, Schematics, etc.
Guest and Crew Information with Multi-Language, pre-formatted Crew Lists
Export Major Data Excel and RTF (Word Processing) with Unique File Names
Suitable For Power And Sail
Two Gigabyte Data Capacity
Program Updates (free)

Evolving Since 1997
Marine Productivity Software from The Generalist