VMS System Requirements
Vessel Management System Professional


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System Requirements:

To install and use the Vessel Management System you need Windows NT/2000 (and all server editions)/XP/Server 2003/Windows Vista/7, Server 2008. In other words any reasonbly modern Windows computer will do.Please click to read about restrictions and solutions.

All support issues are addressed by email only (very fast).

User Requirements (Very Important!):

VMS Professional is a framework of business rules that organize operations for a vessel or fleet. Thoughtful application of the available modules and logic will yield the most useful result. VMS Professional is recommended for individuals not easily discouraged with the tedium of data entry, a necessary evil in any database program. A decision to organize your vessel and it's business should not be regarded as leisure activity. It's recommended that the user have at least rudimentary typing and computer skills.

Although the following advice is rarely taken, a thorough reading of the Operations Manual (a context sensitive help file) file and use of the practice data set (provided) is strongly recommended. The full functionality of VMS Professional will not be revealed without exposure to these resources.

Any database program requires a human being (or a million monkeys) to provide the data seed. If you are consistent and disciplined about data entry many hours will be invested. Please protect your work with a plan for backup and do so frequently. While VMS will force a data file backup at each GUI update and other ad hoc backups are easily generated from within the program, these file backups should be transferred to a different computer, or off site, to protect against catastrophic failure.

VMS Professional is designed and tested in a multi-user and networked environment, but it is beyond the responsibility of the developer to anticipate the idiosyncrasies of every network context. So self-sufficiency in Windows Networking is recommended if this capability is to be utilized (not required for single computer operation).

The developer makes no claim that VMS Professional will be 100% applicable to every situation.