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As updates are made available you'll be able to download from the link below. Updates are easy to install and do not affect your valuable data.

VMS Professional is designed and tested in a multi-user and networked environment, but it is beyond the responsibility of the developer to anticipate the idiosyncrasies of every network context. So self-sufficiency in Windows Networking is recommended if this capability is to be utilized (not required for single computer operation).

Windows XP users who download and install Windows XP Service Pack 2 (sp2) will likely experience connectivity issues when using shared resources (including databases) over a network. The issues with XP SP2 are well known and documented. There is no destruction of VMS Pro following the installation of SP2, only the network and firewall permissions need adjustment. It is beyond the responsibility of the VMS Pro developer to anticipate or adjust your network context.

Although the following advice is rarely taken, a thorough reading of the Windows Help File and use of the practice data (provided) is strongly recommended. The full functionality of VMS Professional may not be revealed without exposure to these resources.

Updates are published as bugs are found, improvements are designed, or suggestions from users implemented. So remember to check here often, if a tree falls in the forest you'll want to hear it.

All support issues are addressed by email only (very fast).

Please note: All errors are corrected in a timely manner as they are discovered. Please visit this site for program updates, note the date of posting and check for an error that you might have encountered. If an error you've encountered is not listed (or if you would like to make a suggestion useful to all users) please . Many apologies (really) if you were inconvenienced by an error. Rest assured that I'm embarrassed by error issues and they are given immediate attention. Updates below are installed without modification to your valuable "Default Data" file.

The manual in PDF format is no longer available. It has been replaced by the detailed, context sensitive help file included with all contemporary installations of VMS Pro and update files (see below). This download is comprehensive and suitable for purchase evaluation.

Click here to download the current context sensitive Winhelp Help file. (revised 7.16.2006), about 2 MB. This file is appropriate for evaluating VMS Pro if you are considering it's purchase.

Please note: Before applying update close VMS Pro.

After applying the Interface Update VMS Pro will always force the user to "re-link" to the appropriate data file. If you are using VMS Pro on a "Server" computer you are required to close all workstations, open VMS Pro on the server, link to the Default Data File, then close VMS Pro. Then your workstations may re-link. VMS Pro will not operate correctly on the workstations unless this action is taken for every workstation (if networked).

Click here for Interface Update posted 7.16.2006 (about 4.8 Mb): 7.16.06: This is a significant version update. Major modification to Inventory QuickView, modified delete logic in Vendor Address Book and Contract-Task Manager, added improved record recognition in Rotation and various modifications to all QuickViews, numerous updates to Operations Manual, various modifications major data modules, fixed bugs in Labor Log, modified Purchase Order and Pro Forma modules, added additional data auto-backup procedures when changing underlying data structure.

4.19.06: Added Screen Resolution utility. Fixed error that would not allow backup if Business Name contained characters considered illegal when constructing file names. Modified Transactions QuickView, modified Transactions data input to accept single debit or credit/record. Previous double entries are honored in ledgers or double entries can be changed. Many other tweaks and bug fixes.

11.20.2005: Changed update automatic backup to autogenerate unique file names, changed manual backup to generate unique file names based on business name and date, application of unique identifier eliminated, modified update logic.

Click here to view design and bug history.